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Voluntary Striking Off of a Company in the UK

What is voluntary striking off / the dissolution a company?

If a director decides they no longer require the company, it is possible to dissolve the company and remove it from the company register.


How do I apply for voluntary striking off?


To apply for voluntary striking off, a form must be completed, which a director will be required to sign.


What is the process for voluntary striking off?


Companies House will review the form and if it is accepted, they will register the information onto public record platforms.


Acknowledgement of voluntary striking off will also be sent to the address shown on the form.
Once the voluntary striking off has been accepted, Companies House will arrange for a notice of the striking off in a relevant newspaper to allow any interested parties to object.


If no one objects to the proposed striking off of the company, the final notice will appear in a newspaper and the company will be struck off.


Who is likely to object to a company being struck off?


The most likely party to have an objection to a company being struck off is HMRC. This could be for various reasons, such as, corporation tax not being paid, VAT returns not being submitted, and/or any penalties that may have occurred within the company.


If HMRC objects to the company being struck off, then HMRC needs to be contacted to find out why they are objecting. The next step is then to submit all relevant information to them. If you don’t know how to start, feel free to contact us and we can assist you with this process.


How long does it take to strike a company off?


Once the original form has been received at Companies House, it takes around 5 business days for the application to be accepted.
It then takes a further 3-4 months for the company to be completely struck off the company register.
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