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Company and Business Address Service

What is a registered office address?

A registered office address is required for all UK Companies, and it should be located in the UK. The registered office address is shown on public records and is available for the public to view. If your registered office address is located in London, this will give the impression that your company is registered in London.


Your company post is usually sent to the registered office address of the company. Companies House and HMRC use this address as an official address for delivering your company mail.


Where can the registered office address be located?


The registered office address should be located where your company is registered.


Please see further information below:


  • A Scottish registered company must have a registered office in Scotland.
  • A Northern Ireland registered company must have a registered office in Northern Ireland
  • A England / Wales registered company must have a registered office in England or Wales


Why use a registered office address service?


  • Keeps your residential address private
  • Your residential address will not be displayed on the public records
  • Prevent unwanted visitors at your residential/business address
  • Prevents you from receiving unsolicited Junk Mail
  • There will always be someone at hand to forward on your essential and important mail
  • If you are an overseas customer, you may need this service to form your company as all UK Companies must have a Registered Office Address in the UK


What if I am expecting a letter which is not an official letter?


If you are expecting a letter but it is not from HMRC or Companies House, if you let us know the letter you are expected to receive, we may be able to identify the letter and will keep an eye out for it. Additional charges may apply for the forwarding of the letter to you.


However, we are unable to guarantee that we will be able to identify the letter you are expecting to receive.


This service provides you with a registered office address located in London. All government mail will be forwarded to an address of your choice, if the forwarding address is overseas postal charges will apply.


Postage Deposit (for overseas customers only)


For an overseas forwarding address, a registered office postage deposit will be required and is a minimal amount to cover the postal costs of sending your registered office post to your overseas address.
The postal costs will be deducted from this deposit as they occur. Only the exact postage charge is deducted we do not add on any additional amounts for handling or administration.


You will only be charged once for the registered office postage deposit, no matter how many times you order our registered office service. When the deposit gets low, we will contact you to add an additional amount. On registered office renewal, any balance or amount left will automatically be carried forward to the next year.


On your registered office account, you will be able to track any postage payments and your balance.


What happens if I do not renew the registered office?


If a registered office is not renewed and an alternative address is not provided to us, or changed at Companies House, then you are authorising us to amend the registered office address. This may include adding an E to the end of the department number, or something similar. We will then proceed to inform Companies House, who may change the address to their default address and the company will no longer be seen as in good standing.

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