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Limited Company Formation (Limited by Shares)

A Limited by Shares Company, most commonly known as a Limited Company is our most popular type of UK Incorporation. This type of company is a legal entity which exist separately from its owners. As the company is a separate legal entity from the people running the company therefore, they will not be responsible for the company’s debts.


Our comprehensive packages for Limited Company formations are shown below. If any of the packages do not suit your requirements, please contact us and we can tailor make a package to suit your specific requirements.


We can provide a UK Registered Office Address for your company, if required. The Registered Office Services can be ordered during the incorporation process or as an additional service.


  • Fast Online Formation
  • Government Fees
  • Emailed Certificate of Incorporation
  • Emailed Memorandum of Association
  • Emailed Articles of Association
  • Emailed Share Certificate(s)
  • Emailed Minutes of First Meeting


Why Register a Limited Company?


A limited company (LC) is the most popular type of company formation in the UK. It is a business structure where the directors or shareholders have their liability limited to the contributions which they have made or invested in the company. A limited company can be formed by anyone going into business to make a profit. All details are entered easily online and there is no requirement for original signatures.


Limited Company Explained


  • A Limited Company is the most popular incorporation in the UK because of its simple and flexible business structure.
  • This type of company is required to have a shareholder and director-the shareholders might also be known as the owners of the company.
  • A limited company has shareholders who are allocated shares.
  • A confirmation statement and accounts must be filed each year.
  • All shares within a Limited Company must be allocated to the Shareholders.
  • If one member of the company should pull out of the company, the company can still function unlike other types of companies.
  • The company name is protected after registration. No other company is legally permitted to trade under the same company name in the UK.


Officers in the Company


You can register a Limited Company with just one person acting as the director and shareholder of the company. The directors are responsible for the day to day running of the company. The extent of their responsibilities are outlined in the Articles of Association.


You are able to appoint corporate officers to a Limited Company, however; you cannot just have corporate officers, an individual director must also be appointed.


You are able to appoint a secretary to a Limited Company, although a secretary is no longer a requirement.


Anticipated Timeframe


Once all company information has been submitted to the company registrar, a Limited Company formation usually takes within 3 to 24 hours (dependent on the company registrar) and is then ready to trade. Fun fact: we have, on one occasion, previously incorporated a company in a record time of just 6 minutes.


Requirements for a Limited Company formation


  • The company name must end with either ‘Limited’ or ‘LTD’.
  • The Registered Office Address must be located in the UK. We can supply an address if required.
  • A Minimum of 1 Individual Director and 1 Shareholder must be appointed (they can be the same person.)
  • The Officers can be of any nationality and reside anywhere in the world.
  • Name and Address of the Director and Subscriber/Member. The directors’ and subscribers’ personal address is hidden from public record.
  • The minimum Share Capital is £0.01
  • There is no maximum Share Capital.
  • Minimum number of shares which must be issued is 1.
  • All company shares must be issued to a Shareholder


Why Use Us for Your Limited Company?


We are highly experienced in setting up Limited Companies and our UK business start-up team is committed to helping you with your formation, from start to finish.


We have the ability to form your Limited Company electronically, eliminating the need to sign and complete any paperwork.


Moreover, we have the ability to form your Limited Company electronically, eliminating the need to sign and complete any paperwork.


All details are entered online, before placing your order. Before you submit and pay for your company, you are able to review all company details you have provided. From here, you can also amend anything, if necessary. Once your company has been incorporated you will receive your Certificate of Incorporation and Share Certificate(s) confirming the existence of your company plus many other fully completed documents in your Company Register.


Our standard package includes all the documents you need legally to start trading with your company. This is quite unique as most companies charge extra for providing a company register, share certificates, minutes of the first meeting etc.

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