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What is a Confirmation Statement?

From June 2016 the yearly requirements to file an Annual Return was replaced by a Confirmation Statement, this can be filed electronically using your unique Company Authentication Code.


All companies in the UK must ensure they submit a Confirmation Statement to Companies House on a yeary basis. The Confirmation Statement provides Companies House with a snapshot of general information about your company, including details of Directors, Shareholders, Shareholdings and Registered Office Address.


The Confirmation Statement is required to keep Companies House up to date with any changes that occur within the company.


How do I file my Confirmation Statement electronically?


To file a Confirmation Statement, you will be required to provide the company number and unique authentication code. If you formed your company through us these details may already be in our system. If you do not have your unique authentication code that is no problem we can still assist you with obtaining the code or by filing the Confirmation Statement by paper.


If no changes have been made just confirm the details, it is that easy.


When do I need to file my Confirmation Statement electronically?


On the anniversary of your company incorporation date, you are required to file a Confirmation Statement.
For a company that was incorporated on the 12th June 2016, the Confirmation Statement will be due for filing on the 12 June 2017. You then have 28 days from this date to file your Confirmation Statement. If your Confirmation Statement is not filed within this period your company will not be in good standing and could incur penalties.


The Confirmation Statement must be filed with Companies House before the last filing date. By filing the Confirmation Statement electronically, Companies House instantly receive the Confirmation Statement avoiding any delays.


Unlike the Annual Return, there will be no set date each year on which the Confirmation Statement needs to be made.  It can be made at any time, although no more than 12 months must elapse between incorporation and Confirmation Statements and once a Confirmation Statement has been made a new 12 month period starts to run.  This rolling 12 month window means that a company can combine making a Confirmation Statement with another filing at any point during the year, if this is administratively easier.  The company will not need to make another Confirmation Statement for a further 12 months.


If the details of a shareholder have changed and you need to update Companies House with the new changes, then you should file a Confirmation Statement to update their records.


How long does it take for my Confirmation Statement to be accepted?


Once you have placed your order,  it usually takes around 1 working days to be accepted.


You will receive email confirmation, from us, once the Confirmation Statement has been accepted with Companies House.


All changes within a UK Company must be reported to Companies House, you are able to file seperate forms to inform Companies House of the changes within your company.