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Charity by Guarantee Formation in the UK

About Charity by Guarantee Formation

A Charity by Guarantee Company is a not-for-profit company, which means that the company is set up not to make any profit, therefore, any profits gained will be retained within the company or will be used for a similar purpose. A charity company is established as a Limited by Guarantee Company; however, it is processed with special approved charity articles which allow your company to run as an official charitable organization.


Our comprehensive packages for a charity by guarantee company are shown below. If any of the packages do not suit your requirements, please contact us and we can tailor make a package to suit your specific requirements.


We can provide a UK Registered Office Address for your company, if required. The Registered Office Services can be ordered during the incorporation process or as an additional service.


Fast Online Formation
It’s quick and easy to complete our online application, it takes approximately 3-4 minutes. Your company should be ready to trade in 3 hours, our quickest time is 6 minutes (subject to Companies House).
Government Fees
Companies House Registration Fees are included in all of our packages and prices. There are no hidden extras.
Emailed Certificate of Incorporation
A PDF version of your Certificate of Incorporation. This is an official document which confirms your company name and company number.
Ready to Trade Company
As soon as your application has been approved by Companies House, your new limited company will be ready to trade.
Emailed Official Company Documents
Once your company has been formed we will email you a completed set of your new official company register documents and share certificate.
Emailed Memorandum of Association
A PDF version of your Memorandum. This is a statement which shows the subscribers intention to form a company under the Companies Act 2006.
Emailed Articles of Association
A PDF version of your Articles of Association. The Articles are basically the rules of your company, outline the Director’s responsibilities and provide information on the type of business.
Emailed Share Certificate(s)
An electronic version of your Share Certificate. This is a legal document which confirms the ownership of the Shares within your company.
Emailed Member Certificate(s)
An electronic version of your Member Certificate. This is a legal document which confirms the members within your company.
Emailed Company Register
An electronic version of your Company Register fully completed with the first entries from your company registration.
Emailed Minutes of First Meeting
An electronic version of a suggested initial board meeting where the initial resolutions for your company were passed.


Why choose a Charity Limited by Guarantee Company?


Usually, the main reason a limited by guarantee company is incorporated is for charity purposes. This charity limited by guarantee company provides you with the option to select our Articles of Association which have been approved by the Charity Commission. This type of company is a non-profit making company and protects the people running it from personal liability of the company’s debts.


Charity Limited by Shares Company Explained


  • A charity by guarantee company does not have a share capital or shareholders, they have subscribers also known as “trustees of guarantors.”
  • Ideal if setting up a charity, community project or club.
  • Does not have a share capital.
  • Can be easily maintained by submitting Annual Accounts and Annual Returns.
  • Personal assets are not liable if the company becomes bankrupt.
  • The company can undertake activities in its own right.
  • A company limited by guarantee usually does not distribute profit to its members and it has guarantors rather than shareholders
  • We have the software which allows you to adopt/upload your own specific Articles of Association to your company


Officers Within the Company


A charity limited by guarantee company must appoint at least one director. The director(s) will be responsible for the day to day running of the company. The powers the directors have within the company will depend on what is stated in the company articles.


At least one member must be appointed in the charity limited by guarantee company. The members usually have the right to vote and attend the general meetings, this means they have the ultimate control over the company as they can appoint and terminate the directors. The members of a limited by guarantee company can never be changed at the company registrar but can be changed and recorded within the in-house documents.


Members of the limited by guarantee company can have different voting rights which in turn gives them more or less power within the company.


Anticipated Timeframe


A charity by guarantee company is usually incorporated within 24 hours and ready to trade. As aforementioned, we have previously incorporated a company within 6 minutes, but our promptness is dependent on the workload at Companies House headquarters.


Requirements for a Charity Limited by Guarantee Company


To register a charity limited by guarantee company, you will be required to supply the following:


  • The company name including the name ending of ‘Limited’ or ‘LTD’.
  • The Registered Office Address located in the UK, we can supply an address if required.
  • A Minimum of 1 Individual Director and 1 subscriber/member must be appointed.
  • 1 Person can be the Director and subscriber/member.
  • The Officers can be any nationality and reside anywhere in the world.
  • Name and Address of the Director and subscriber/member.
  • Although no share capital is held, one subscriber must be named.
  • Articles of Association are necessary and they should include how the company will be run and the regulations it must be followed.


Why Use Us for Your Charity Limited by Guarantee Company?


We are highly experienced in this type of formation and our start-up team are there to deal with the formation of your charity limited by guarantee company.


Unlike most formation agents and Companies House, we have the ability to form your charity limited by guarantee company electronically, eliminating the need to sign and complete any paperwork.


All details are entered online, before placing your order. Before you submit and pay for your company, you will be able to review all the company details you have provided and amend anything if necessary. Once your company has been incorporated, you will receive your fully completed documents including the Certificate of Incorporation which confirms the existence of your company and many other fully completed documents.


Our basic package includes all the documents you need legally to start trading with your company. This is quite unique as most companies charge extra for providing a company register, share certificates, minutes of the first meeting, etc.


We have unique software which allows you to adopt/upload your own specific Articles of Association to your company, free of charge or alternatively you can select to use the model articles we provide.

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