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What are Dormant Accounts?

All companies in the UK must ensure they submit Accounts to Companies House on a yearly basis. Depending on whether your company has traded or not will depend on which Accounts you will need to file, if your company has not traded you will be required to file Dormant Company Accounts.
The Dormant Accounts provides Companies House with confirmation that your company has not traded.
If your company has traded you will be required to file trading accounts.


When do I need to file Dormant Accounts?


The Accounts of a company are usually due to be filed on the last date of the anniversary month – e.g. for a company incorporated on 12 June 2016, Accounts will be due for filing on the 30 June 2017. You will then have 9 months from the Accounts due date (30 June 2017) to file your Accounts on time. If it is not filed within this period your company will not be in good standing and could incur penalties.
It is also possible to change the Accounting Reference Date (Accounts due date). Please click here.


How do I file my Dormant Accounts?


To file your company Dormant Accounts, you will usually need to supply us with the company number and unique authentication code, these details may already be saved in our system if you formed your company through us. If you do not have your unique authentication code we can still assist you with filing the Dormant Accounts by paper or by obtaining the code.


How long does it take for my Dormant Accounts to be accepted?


Once you have placed your order, we will submit your Dormant Accounts to Companies House, it usually takes just a few hours for it to be accepted.


If you choose to file your Dormant Accounts by Paper, it does take considerably longer for them to be accepted. It takes around 5 working days for Dormant Accounts to be accepted with Companies House, plus postage times.


We will send you email confirmation once the Dormant Accounts have been accepted with Companies House.