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Increase of Company Shares in the UK

How do I increase the shares in my company?

To increase the shares within your company, you will be required to supply information about the new share capital within your company. We are required to inform Companies House of any changes that occur within your company.
Once the increase in shares has been accepted with Companies House, you will be required to file a confirmation statement to fully update their records. We can assist you with updating Companies House and filing your confirmation statement.


What do I need to increase the shares?


To increase the shares within your company, you will be required to provide new information on the company shares. The following information is required:


  • Company Name
  • Company Number
  • Authentication Code (we can still assist you if you don’t have this)
  • Date the Shares increase
  • Number of shares you wish to increase
  • New details on the Company Share Capital


How long does it take to increase the shares?


Information on the new company shares needs can be submitted to Companies House electronically. It usually takes a few hours for the changes to be accepted.
We monitor the application to make sure that there are no problems with submitting the new share information. Once the new share information has been accepted, we will send you email confirmation.

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